A note from the author...

DSCN0015 copy.jpg (110381 bytes) DSCN0012 copy.jpg (38407 bytes)I Installed the product and loved it as soon as it started working. Allot of people complain that the CD Player skips but I haven't noticed. I did however notice a small problem. I could not find the songs I wanted by scrolling through the songs on the CD in the unit. A list was needed. I decided that everybody who bought the MP3 player would have this problem too. I started to create a product that would work for everybody. I Finished the damn thing in 5 straight days. I have been up since the previous day in this Pick working out the bugs for the latest release. 

I am aware that the software might need to expand but I hope all of you guys will help me through this with some feedback. This was a one man job and I am having trouble getting the word out so I don't have that big of a budget due to low registered users. But if you encounter any problems I would love your feedback. 

DSCN0009.jpg (32119 bytes)
This is a pick of the damn street sweeper dusting my car right after I washed it for these shots.